2024 NFL Draft, Full 3-round mock draft post-Combine: Vikings, Chiefs trade up

  • Vikings trade up for a quarterback
  • Chiefs get aggressive to draft a Combine standout
  • Steelers fill holes in all three rounds

NFL Combine
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28. Buffalo Bills: Brian Thomas Jr., WR, LSU

Getting jumped by the Chiefs, especially given the rivalry between the two AFC contenders right now, has to sting quite a bit for the Buffalo Bills. The good news for Josh Allen and Co., however, is that this is still a deep and exceptional overall wide receiver class in the 2024 draft, meaning they still have a great option to add to the fold. 

Gabe Davis seems to be getting a kick out the door as he enters free agency this offseason and, though he undoubtedly had some big-time moments in Buffalo, his reliability was always a concern. So it’s time for the organization to look in a different direction. 

Brian Thomas Jr. would be the perfect direction for them to look. Though Malik Nabers is the top wideout prospect from LSU in this year’s draft class. He’s another player who showed off elite wheels in Indianapolis, but comes with a better frame than someone like Worthy to withstand the physical rigors that the NFL puts on a body. 

Put simply, Thomas fits the profile of an upgraded version of what they’d hoped Davis would be in this offense. Putting him in an offense led by Allen could definitely yield more explosiveness from the Bills attack and help them to realize their potential further in the AFC.