3 more New England Patriots who won’t be back after Mac Jones trade

The New England Patriots traded Mac Jones to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. These three players can join him on the flight out of Boston.

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2. JC Jackson is unlikely to return for Patriots

JC Jackson made his return to the Patriots in 2023, but failed to register the same impact as early in his career with New England. Jackson made a Pro Bowl and was named second-team All Pro in 2021 before heading to the Chargers.

Jackson was cut loose just a few weeks ago and is unlikely to come back this time around. The Patriots secondary could use an upgrade, and the 28-year-old Jackson needs a fresh start. The 28-year-old was traded to New England one year after signing an $82.5 million deal. There's a reason for that, as Jason Reed of The Bolt Beat writes:

"Jackson went to New England and actually put together some solid play early in his return. It looked like it was going to be a classic case of Bill Belichick getting the most out of someone while another team failed miserably to do the same...Then the wheels started to fall off. In addition to Jackson's play starting to slip, the off-field antics seemed to continue."

Bill Belichick was having none of that, and it's wise of the Patriots current regime to follow in his footsteps.