3 NY Jets who deserve most blame after fifth straight loss

A disappointing season for the New York Jets continues as they lose their fifth consecutive game to the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Al Bello/GettyImages
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2. Nathaniel Hackett

The only reason Nathaniel Hackett is still around is because of Rodgers. New York shouldn’t allow a friendship to hold back their offense. Last season, the Denver Broncos star QB Russel Wilson threw just 16 touchdowns. This season he’s already thrown 21 touchdowns with his new coach. 

For the second straight season, a Hackett offense looks like it has no business being in the NFL. Sure Rodgers got hurt, but the Jets still brought in other impact players. The running back duo of Dalvin Cook and Breece Hall was falsely advertised. Garrett Wilson looks frustrated every game, and they’ve now benched two quarterbacks this season. 

This season Jets quarterbacks have only combined to throw seven passing touchdowns so far. The rushing attack isn’t anything special either, as they’ve got three rushing scores this season. In 12 games the Jets offense has ten touchdowns.

Any other offensive coordinator in the NFL would be let go with those results, which is why it’s so strange that the Jets haven’t made a change. Hackett had success in the past with Rodgers, but then again that was in the past. The league has evolved since then, and it’s unclear if they’ll have success together again.