3 Phillies to blame for blowing it big time in Game 2 vs. Braves

The Philadelphia Phillies took a lead into the eighth inning of NLDS Game 2. They came out with a loss.

Philadelphia Phillies designated hitter Bryce Harper
Philadelphia Phillies designated hitter Bryce Harper / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Trea Turner

Trea Turner was a defensive star in Game 1. So it was especially disappointing to see him make two errors in Game 2 on what should have been easy plays.

Turner started his night strong. He hit a double and went on to score the first run of the day in the first inning. But his fielding error in the bottom of the second inning put Matt Olson on first. He was lucky Zack Wheeler was absolutely dealing and struck out the next three batters he faced to end the inning without incident.

The next error was more costly. In the bottom of the sixth, Turner handed the Braves their first run on a fielding error.

Obviously, it took more than one run to give away the game, but it was a moment that gave the Braves hope. That was the last thing Philly needed to gift their opponents on the brink of despair.

Turner has been important to the Phillies ever since breaking out of his early season slump. He needs to move on quickly from this performance so that he doesn't end up in another.