3 Steelers who should be benched or fired after losing to lowly Cardinals

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the 2-10 Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon -- a result you should have seen coming if you've watched the Steelers of late.

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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2. Steelers to blame: Diontae Johnson sent the wrong message

Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson did score a touchdown this week, but that occurred during garbage time. Early on when Pittsburgh needed him most, Johnson didn't create much separation with opposing defensive backs. To make matters worse, Arizona was down their first two DBs due to injury.

George Pickens had four catches for 86 yards, while Johnson recorded the sole touchdown. When he was able to bring the ball in, Johnson didn't read the room well, and celebrated in a matter that is sure to rub some fans the wrong way.

Johnson can and should care about his individual performance, but he's already in hot water in Pittsburgh. Just last week Johnson dropped a touchdown and on the very next play failed to show much effort on a fumble by teammate Jaylen Warren. Johnson apologized to the media, but showings like Sunday bring his attitude into question.

Diontae also got into a locker room altercation with Minkah Fitzpatrick after a loss to the Cleveland Browns. Despite his touchdown in garbage time, Johnson needs to get his act together or this team isn't going anywhere.