3 Steelers to blame for discouraging loss to Colts

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't give their fans much to cheer about against the Colts, with poor efforts from three players dooming the team.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky / Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY
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2. George Pickens

The Steelers led 13-0 at one point following a blocked punt and the ensuing score. But the Colts hit back with a touchdown and Pittsburgh gave them another boost with an interception on their next drive.

The INT goes on Mitchell Trubisky's stat sheet, but that won't show the role George Pickens played in the turnover.

The quarterback threw up a jump ball. He got what was coming to him. But in a jump ball situation, Pickens is the receiver you'd want to give a chance to go up and get it. He got flat-out Moss'd by a DB instead.

But that's not entirely why he's highlighted here. The issue is that Pickens represents the overall malaise that the Steelers offense is defined by in 2023.

Take, for instance, his blocking "effort" on this Jaylen Warren run near the goal line.

A wide receiver whose an active blocker gets Warren into the endzone there. Instead, Pickens stood around and let the defender make the stop.

The Steelers came away with a touchdown on that drive, so it wasn't a meaninglful lapse in that sense. However, it's an example of the things Pickens isn't doing that could elevate the offense when they need it most. Every player on offense needs to be committed to getting the most out of every play whether the ball is in their hands or coming their way. It's not a good sign that Pickens is still showing this degree of effort deficit.