4 Chiefs who won’t be back if they lock in L’Jarius Sneed to new contract

The Kansas City Chiefs must learn to prioritize in free agency. Signing L'Jarius Sneed long term may not be in their best interest.

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
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1. Can the Chiefs find a suitor for Kadarius Toney?

The Kansas City Chiefs surely do not want Kadarius Toney on the roster. Toney proved to be a massive headache for the Chiefs this season, starting when he lined up offsides on what should've been a game-winning touchdown against the Buffalo Bills in the regular season.

Toney let his teammates go to bat for him despite the fact that he was clearly on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage. Eventually, Patrick Mahomes was so fed up with Toney that he sent him a clear message through the media.

"I think it's just, the guys gotta have the confidence to know that I'm gonna keep throwing it back to them and they gotta make the plays happen," Mahomes told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. "It's part of football. Obviously, been too big of a part this year for us, but I trust the guys. I know how hard they're working at it."

As talented as Toney can be on the field, he's also a headcase, and one who has a full year left on his contract. Toney is the best player on the "I can fix him" club. Yet, ahead of the freaking Super Bowl Toney accused his own team of sitting him with a fake injury. That really should've been the final straw.

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