4 perfect Chiefs free agent targets still available that Kansas City can afford

The Kansas City Chiefs may not have tons of money left, but can still pursue some exciting finishing touches to the roster in free agency.

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
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Things seem to keep getting harder for the Kansas City Chiefs, yet the Chiefs prevail. Kansas City is now up against a league that would love to stop their run of Super Bowl appearances and wins, and the challenge as a proven team is fielding a still-competitive team within the constraints of the salary cap.

Kansas City got great news a few weeks ago when the league increased the salary cap by a record amount, but after spending a great deal to bring back Chris Jones, they are -- as of this writing -- technically back out of cap compliance by about $5 million.

Kansas City could make moves that open up some space, like pre-June 1 cuts. Some might be worth it, others might be questionable. One is a move cutting Justin Watson that would save about $2 million, but the question then is, will you actually find anyone better for Mahomes to throw to?

In general, this article and thought experiment looked at players that projected as "perfect" fits in that they would fill positions of need: Secondary, left tackle, and wide receiver, that would reasonably be available for $3-4 million or so, since that's a number in the range of what Kansas City could actually free up.

While these may not be the most idealistic adds in a limitless world, remember that "perfect" here is defined as available and affordable given the constraints.

Dane Jackson

Beating the Bills is sweet. Stealing from them may be even sweeter. Dane Jackson is hitting free agency, and after manning the corner for the Bills for the first four years of his career, the Chiefs should look to see if he's interested in coming to the dark side.

At this point, finding a resolution to the L'Jarius Sneed contract seems far-fetched. Chiefs fans should assume he'll be onto play elsewhere soon, leaving the Chiefs to find another solution to the cornerback problem.

Spotrac thinks he'll be available for $3.1 million and graded nearly as well as Sneed per Pro Football Focus (69.7 to Sneed's 73.8) in coverage last year. A steal if we've ever seen one!