4 plausible Blake Snell suitors who haven't been mentioned yet

These four teams haven't been publicly linked to Blake Snell but make a lot of sense as plausible fits.

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2) The Cardinals could use another rotation upgrade

The St. Louis Cardinals made it a point of emphasis to upgrade their rotation this offseason, and by Thanksgiving, they had done so, inking deals with Lance Lynn, Kyle Gibson, and most importantly, Sonny Gray.

The Cardinals' rotation looks better than it did last season, but that's not saying much of anything. They had what was probably the worst rotation in the NL. Adding Gray gave them a legitimate ace, but the rest of the rotation remains incredibly suspect.

Every member of St. Louis' rotation is 32 years old or above, and three of the five are coming off abysmal seasons. Gibson led the AL in hits allowed, Mikolas led the NL in runs allowed, and Lynn led the majors in home runs allowed. They all specialized in failing in a different way. As these three arms continue to age, we can only wonder how well they'll do in 2024.

The Cardinals are a team that needs to be trying to win right now. Oli Marmol said that himself. While they might think their rotation is complete, it's anything but in reality. Adding Snell would make them favorites to win a weak NL Central and potentially make some noise in October. With an old roster, that's the play they should be making.