5 coaches not named Kyle Shanahan who would have won a Super Bowl with 49ers already

It is getting really hard to defend Kyle Shanahan for continually coming up short in the big game.

Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers
Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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2. Andy Reid would have won in San Francisco already, but only one time

This one is obvious, but also a tad hard to get one's head around. Let's say Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan traded places ahead on Sunday night's big game. Who is winning Super Bowl 58? The Reid-led 49ers or the Shanahan-led Chiefs? You would probably say the Chiefs because Shanahan would have Patrick Mahomes, but you have to understand that Mahomes isn't Mahomes without Reid.

Oh, he'd still be really good, but probably just not this. As for how Reid would have done over the last seven years in San Francisco, I would say he would have gotten the 49ers to at least two Super Bowls, but probably split the pair. It is hard to say who the 49ers' quarterback would have been in any of those hypothetical games, but I don't think they would have passed on a guy like San Francisco did.

In this hypothetical, maybe Mahomes is in San Francisco? Maybe Deshaun Watson has a Super Bowl ring or two. What this all comes down to is Reid is the ultimate player's coach, for better or worse. When it is going well, you get results like what we saw on Sunday night. When it does not, you get a witch hunt of sorts like we saw in Philadelphia way back in 2012. He is still a hall-of-fame head coach.

Reid is in the perfect spot for him, but I think he would have won one Super Bowl leading the 49ers.