5 NFL teams that are one Justin Fields away from making a playoff run

A handful of NFL teams could be a Justin Fields away from making the playoffs next season.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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3. Tennessee Titans are well-coached, but don't have the quarterback

Although the Tennessee Titans are not the least bit good this season, I still really like Mike Vrabel as their head coach. He coaches with a unique brand of brawn and brains. He may give off the vibes of a meathead, but he knows how to put his players and coaching staff in positions to succeed. Unfortunately for him, I think he has never had a quarterback worthy of writing home about there.

Whether it was Marcus Mariota, Ryan Tannehill, Josh Dobbs, Will Levis or Malik Willis, the Titans have been at a quarterbacking deficit throughout Vrabel's tenure in Nashville. While they have taken a quarterback in the last two drafts, neither Willis or Levis seem to be the guy. Given that they are in the other conference than the Bears, they might be a dark-horse candidate to trade for Fields this winter.

Is the fit in Nashville a tad clunky for Fields? A bit, but that has always kind of been the Titans' modus operandi. Oh, they have had talented players before. They still do now. But having everything firing on all cylinders rarely happens for this AFC South franchise in The Music City. By adding a guy like Fields to the quarterback room, it would be like getting a mulligan on drafting Mariota out of Oregon in 2015.

Not since the late, Steve McNair have the Titans had what we would call a franchise quarterback.