5 NFL teams that are one Justin Fields away from making a playoff run

A handful of NFL teams could be a Justin Fields away from making the playoffs next season.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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2. Pittsburgh Steelers need a better quarterback to save the franchise

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a shell of what they used to be organizationally. What the hell happened? Well, a bad transition from Ben Roethlisberger to Kenny Pickett as the starting quarterback certainly didn't help. Factor in the locker room getting noisier by the game, and you have to wonder if Pittsburgh will actually move off their longtime head coach Mike Tomlin. They may need a new star...

I think if the Steelers wanted to reset a bit for their standards, they should look to trade for Fields in a deal with Chicago. The Bears could take a new franchise quarterback and the Steelers could get a huge upgrade over The Fake Slide King Kenny Pickett. Fields is the type of quarterback who will command the room, as well as making a few plays under center that most people are not capable of.

There are other quarterbacks the Steelers could pursue, but I think dealing for Fields out of conference could be exactly what they need. The idea of trading for Justin Herbert from the Los Angeles Chargers could be a lot of fun, but that team needs a new head coach and general manager. Simply put, a trade between the Bears and Steelers for Fields is a lot less clunky than one for Herbert.

The Steelers would now have a quarterback capable of competing with the very best in their division.