Bill Belichick power rankings: Ranking 5 best destinations for Hall-of-Fame coach

Bill Belichick is a free agent for the first time in decades. Where should he go?

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Bill Belichick is a free agent after 24 years in charge of the New England Patriots.

Now, the greatest head coach in NFL history, just 15 wins shy of the all-time record, will search for a new home. He has already has a second interview lined up with the Atlanta Falcons. He probably won't last long on the open market.

While the reports of Belichick's downfall in New England are damning, success can paper over a lot of perceived flaws in the NFL. Belichick will add prestige to any franchise he joins. He attracts the best free agents. He does, above all else, know what it takes to win. His stubbornness is a concern, but with the right team and the right upper management, there's no reason why Belichick can't find success outside of Foxborough.

It will take personal sacrifices from Belichick. He can't led pride overrule his better judgement. His unwillingness to change with the times and accept outside help sunk the Patriots. He probably hasn't learned his lesson — this is Bill Belichick, after all — but he could benefit from a change of scenery and a little time to reflect, same as any player.

There are seven available jobs. We can probably exclude the Las Vegas Raiders, as Antonio Pierce is all but guaranteed that job. So, let's rank the five-best remaining options for Belichick.

5. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans recently fired Bill Belichick's own disciple in Mike Vrabel. Derrick Henry is probably on his way out the door, too. The Ryan Tannehill era is over. Simply put, the Titans are undergoing a rather drastic renovation.

There are questions about owner Amy Adams Strunk and her working relationship with Vrabel, which eroded over the last couple years. Ran Carthon is a brand-new GM and the Titans lack established top-end talent in a potentially tricky division. The Houston Texans are on the rise with C.J. Stroud, while Trevor Lawrence and Anthony Richardson both profile as competitive QBs in the long run.

Belichick could see a few positives in the situation. The Titans probably have their long-term QB in Will Levis, who flashed exciting arm talent over the second half of the season. Tennessee's defense under Vrabel remained solid, despite the team's poor collective performance. The Titans were involved in several competitive defeats last season, including three-point losses to Indianapolis, Houston, and Seattle in the final weeks of the season.

One of Belichick's desires is to coach an "underperforming" team. Perhaps the Titans qualify. That said, Tennessee pales in comparison to other teams on the personnel front.