Braves Rumors: Soroka says goodbye, Reynaldo Lopez risk, Sonny Gray buzz

Michael Soroka says goodbye to Braves fans. Alex Anthopoulos takes a risk on Reynaldo Lopez. Sonny Gray is still in the cards.
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Braves are all-in on Sonny Gray after Aaron Nola heads elsewhere

It's unclear just how real the buzz surrounding the Braves and Aaron Nola was early this offseason, but by most reported accounts so far, Atlanta wanted to sign the rival ace to a rather large contract. In the end, Nola decided to stay home in Philly on a seven-year deal. It's tough to blame him for that, as Nola is most familiar with the Phillies and they've been to two straight NLCS's. They've also defeated said Braves in two straight postseasons.

Nola may be the top-tier free agent starting pitcher the Braves chase this offseason, but he won't be the only player of value. After signing Lopez on Monday and reportedly giving him a shot in the rotation, the Braves have more starting pitching to add. Atlanta did trade away Kyle Wright, Michael Soroka, Jared Shuster and more, for what it's worth. Their organization rotation depth needs a boost.

Sonny Gray makes a lot of sense for Atlanta, and he is at the top of their wish list. Gray will come at a more affordable asking price than Nola, and he likely will not require a seven-year commitment, which surely scared away the Braves when it comes to Nola.

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