Cardinals Rumors: Wainwright regrets, frustrations boil over, Blake Snell pipe dream

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Cardinals Rumors: Adam Wainwright continues to rue this year's disappointments

Adam Wainwright isn't getting any closer to the big 2-0-0.

Tuesday's loss to the Pirates dropped the Cardinals to 17 games below .500, and they're still plunging. It's been two months since Wainwright, who is two victories away from 200 career wins, last won a start.

Disappointment after disappointment, it's understandable to see Wainwright feel more jaded about his legacy with every week that passes. In his most recent loss, Wainwright allowed six runs on seven hits, delivering a particularly poor fifth inning.

Waino told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"“It’s been a weird year. It’s been a funky year. We haven’t had a year like this since I’ve been here. If you have only one of these every 18, that’s not a terrible ratio... It’s driving me crazy. It’s not how I wanted to go out.”"

Adam Wainwright

At the time of this writing, the Cardinals are beating the Pirates 5-1 in the final game of the series, which means Wainwright could soon be just one win away from the 200 milestone.

From his perspective, he's still ruing his inconsistent performance on Tuesday and this whole past year.

The veteran said he "felt in complete command of everything" yet still got beaten in the Cards' last two games. "What do I tell [our fanbase]? What can I say?"

The Cardinals are going through one of their most painful seasons in history in which everything that could have gone wrong did. They have six more weeks to help Wainwright end his storied career with 200 sparkling wins, the sole glimmer of excitement in this final stretch of the year. Up next, the Phillies.