7 best QBs the Denver Broncos can add to replace Russell Wilson

The Russell Wilson era of Denver Broncos football lasted about as long as some spicy Hollywood marriages. Here are seven options the Broncos have to replace their former starting quarterback.

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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2. Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields

If there is any quarterback worth trading for this offseason, it has to be Justin Fields. Given that the Chicago Bears already have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft because of the Carolina Panthers' utter incompetence, they have every reason to move on from Fields in order to draft Caleb Williams out of USC. Fate would have it, the Broncos are an ideal trade partner for Chicago in all this.

Denver needs to get better at quarterback yesterday. While the Broncos still have so much dead money on the books from Wilson's craptastic deal, keep in mind that Fields is only entering year four of his rookie contract. By giving him the fifth-year option, that gives the Broncos a two-year trial run to see if this thing can work between he and Sean Payton. Being in the other conference helps, too.

Overall, Denver should absolutely be seen as a major player for Fields in the trade market. Although I would attest that the Atlanta Falcons and the Las Vegas Raiders are far more likely to get him since they have been on the guy for longer than anyone, it would not shock me if the Payton and George Paton swooped in to steal Fields out from under everyone. This is a move that changes the dynamic.

It would almost make up for passing on Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft when he was still on the board.