5 Detroit Tigers who won't be on the roster in 2024

The Detroit Tigers roster will see plenty of turnover in 2024, and it's front office executive Scott Harris's job to weed through the mess.
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5. RHP José Cisnero

At the end of August, Detroit placed Cisnero on waivers, signaling a likely end to his tenure with the team. Cisnero will become a free agent after the season, making the waiver move a clear indicator of the direction the organization is headed with him.

His numbers this season, especially in leverage situations, have not been good. Opponents are batting .271/.353/.424 in high leverage situations against Cisnero in 2023. With runners in RISP, and two outs, teams are batting .333/.436/.576. The K rate and fastball velocity have been holding steady among MLB percentile rankings, but the problem has been secondary pitches and their ability to limit hard contact.

Cisnero's slider, which boasted a 41.2% whiff rate last season, has seen a decline to 33.7% this year, diminishing the effectiveness of his other pitches. His fastball, against which teams are batting .217, has given up five home runs. The drop in slider efficiency means teams can more easily anticipate the fastball, especially if his slider and sinker aren't performing as expected.

Detroit does have a younger alternative in Brendan White, who is on the 40-man roster and could slide over as a high leverage option in 2024.