Did Andy Reid take a dig at Kyle Shanahan, 49ers with practice facilities comment?

While the San Francisco 49ers have been concerned about the UNLV practice field, Kansas City Chiefs head coach praised the Las Vegas Raiders facilities.

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Shortly after the San Francisco 49ers arrived in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII, reports began to surface about the team's concerns with their designated practice field at UNLV.

The NFL covered UNLV's artificial turf field with natural grass prior to the 49ers' arrival, which reportedly led to the field becoming too soft.

While the 49ers deal with the adverse field at UNLV, the Kansas City Chiefs have been living lavishly. The designated home team for the Super Bowl alternates between conferences each year. For Super Bowl LVIII, the Chiefs received the home designation, which grants them use of the Las Vegas Raiders facilities and locker rooms for the Super Bowl, much to the dismay of Raiders fans.

Chiefs HC Andy Reid praises practice facilities ahead of Super Bowl

San Francisco undoubtedly got the short end of the stick, and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid seemed to rub that in during a press conference on Wednesday. A reporter asked Reid if the Raiders' facilities were the best he's ever used to prepare for a Super Bowl.

"It’s great conditions to prepare for this game,” Reid said. “I think our guys have been focused in up to this point — and the facilities are great.”

While some may interpret a correlation between Reid's comments and San Francisco's field controversy, it's unlikely that Reid meant his comments as a shot toward the 49ers. After all, all he did was answer the question he was asked. There isn't much else he could've said.

Still, there's a chance that Reid got a little joy out of it, especially if he refused to make space for San Francisco at the facilities. Reports originally indicated that the 49ers would consider attempting to practice at the Las Vegas Raiders' facilities alongside Kansas City. The Chiefs, however, were unwilling to change their practice schedule to accommodate the 49ers, according to The Athletic's Matt Barrows.

On Monday, head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed that the 49ers would continue practicing at UNLV as originally planned.

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