MLB Rumors: Red Sox ace preference, Nola backup plan fails, NYC trade battle

  • The Red Sox have one starting pitcher at the top of their free agent list
  • Who will replace Aaron Nola in Philly?
  • Yankees and Mets are both interested in this outfielder
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MLB Rumors: Phillies don't have a clear backup plan if Aaron Nola walks

The most prevalent rumors going around the league is that if Aaron Nola leaves the Philadelphia Phillies, Blake Snell will be brought in as Nola's replacement.

Snell ranks as one of the top free agent pitchers this offseason; he was just crowned the NL Cy Young winner for his dominant 2023 performances that saw him record a 2.25 ERA. Despite a somewhat high walk rate, he averaged at least 11 strikeouts per nine innings.

Snell's been frequently linked to Philly, but... does Philly want him? According to the latest report by The Athletic's Jayson Stark, the Phillies are "just lukewarm" on Snell.

Stark wrote, "Here’s one often-rumored name they appear to be just lukewarm on. That’s the likely NL Cy Young, Blake Snell, whose walk rate, inconsistency and lack of year-in, year-out volume make him almost the diametric opposite of Nola. However, if Nola hits the exit ramp and Yamamoto goes to a team with a richer history with Japanese players, Snell could still be in play."

Stark lists Snell's concerning walk rate and inconsistency as the main reasons Philly isn't super high on the 30-year-old ace. Snell is projected to command a six-year, $150 million deal per one report, and the Phillies simply may not think he's worth all that money considering his flaws.

Still, Snell is likely on the radar. It sounds like Nola and Yoshinobu Yamamota are the top choices for Philly's front office, and Snells trails just ever so slightly behind.