MLB Rumors: Red Sox talk Theo Epstein, surprise Mike Trout destination, insider torches Blue Jays

The Boston Red Sox could make some big changes this offseason. Jasson Dominguez will undergo Tommy John surgery. MLB insider trashes the Blue Jays.
Red Sox Former GM holds press conference
Red Sox Former GM holds press conference / Darren McCollester/GettyImages
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MLB Rumors: Changes are coming for the Boston Red Sox

With the Boston Red Sox likely on the outside looking in at the playoff picture, it was fair to point to Chaim Bloom for answers. That was his job, after all, and changes are likely coming this offseason that could alter the outlook of this Boston team.

Then, the Red Sox dropped a bomb this afternoon, with news Bloom would not return to his post next season. So, who will replace Bloom in the Boston front office? Apparently it will not be Theo Epstein, the former President of Baseball Operations who led the Sox to multiple World Series.

Whoever the Red Sox hire will have a lot of work to do, as changes are coming to this roster. While Boston was complimentary of Bloom's work rebuilding their farm system, the major-league product needs a lot of work.

Per FanSided's Kevin Henry, the likes of Adam Duvall and James Paxton could very well be headed elsewhere next season. Moves involving Chris Sale and Alex Verdugo shouldn't be ruled out, either, given their contract status. Much of this can be seen as addition by subtraction, with more decisions to come as free agency begins. Expect Boston to be one of the more active teams at the winter meetings.

Whether it's Alex Cora, Epstein or Santa Clause, Boston's next head of baseball operations needs to clean house.