NBA rumors: Durant's discontent with PHX, Heat/Bucks in on same trade target, Luka's record-book Christmas

  • Luka Doncic had a huge Christmas Day
  • The Heat and Bucks are locked in on the same trade target
  • Kevin Durant's impatience is rumored to be growing in Phoenix

Phoenix Suns v Sacramento Kings
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Bucks and Heat both interested in P.J. Tucker

Marc Stein dropped a helping of rumors and news in his subscriber newsletter before the Christmas Day games tipped off on Monday. One key tidbit: Stein reports that the Bucks and Heat have both expressed interest in trading for P.J. Tucker (subscription required), who wants more playing time or a trade away from the Los Angeles Clippers.

Tucker was sent out as an ancillary part of the James Harden trade earlier this year after starting the year off with the Philadelphia 76ers. He averaged 22.0 minutes per game in Philly but has seen his playing time dip down below 15 minutes per game in Los Angeles, also registering DNPs for the last 12 games.

Tucker has great familiarity with the Bucks and Heat, who he played with previously, winning a title with the Bucks in 2021. While he's a role player at best, Tucker's defensive skillset and outside shooting ability can be a game-changing aspect to add in certain contexts and schemes, and organizations like Miami and Milwaukee tend to value the defensive intensity Tucker brings to the court.

Tucker, in his 13th year, is likely winding down and looking for one more shot at another ring to add to his collection. His career has had suprising longevity after he toured around Europe for five seasons following his rookie NBA year, returning in 2012-13 and having staying power ever since.