NBA Rumors: Klay Thompson suitor emerging to challenge Warriors

As the Warriors have Klay Thompson adjust to a new role, a franchise out east might steal the icon from Golden State.

Orlando Magic v Golden State Warriors
Orlando Magic v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Even as the Orlando Magic currently fights to get out of the play-in tournament in the Eastern Conference, the franchise is already locking onto free agency targets for this offseason. According to Marc Stein via his substack, the Magic is starting to be mentioned as a possible candidate to sign Klay Thompson in free agency this offseason.

“Something to file away: Orlando have been increasingly mentioned as a potential suitor for Thompson in free agency,” wrote Stein, h/t HoopsWire.

“The Magic’s available cap space is difficult to project this far out. That figure could rise as high as $45 million but depends on their future plans with free agents-to-be Markelle Fultz and Gary Harris as well as Jonathan Isaac (whose $17.4 million salary next season is non-guaranteed).”

Golden State has had failed contract extension talks in the past with the former All-NBA sharp-shooter. Still, things have started to trend in a positive direction when it comes to extension talks as Thompson has acknowledged that he is willing to take on a reduced role and contract to stay with the only franchise that he has ever played for. Thompson hasn't been the same since tearing his ACL in the 2019 Finals.

The Magic are a franchise that is in clear need of a championship veteran to support a roster that is filled with young talented stars. The franchise could have up to 67 million dollars in cap space if they waive Jonathan Issac, who is struggling to return to form after suffering a ACL injury in 2020. Orlando clearly has the cap space to make a move, does this mean that the Magic could end up signing Thompson.

Do the Magic have a chance to sign Klay Thompson this offseason?

While Orlando might have a chance to sign Thompson, the veteran is more likely to end up with the Warriors on a discount deal with some kind of trigger that makes Thompson big money if he ends up getting traded to another squad. Even though the Magic might not be able to get Thompson in free agency, the franchise has a great chance to either trade or outright sign some veteran talent.

Orlando is a franchise that has plenty of tradable first round picks and could end up making a upgrade at guard for a championship level veteran. Even if the Magic don't end up coming close to signing Klay Thompson this offseason, the squad is a good candidate to make a blockbuster move this offseason.

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