NBA rumors: Kobe statue update, Tyler Herro landing spot, Blazers out on KAT

  • New information surfaces about the Kobe Bryant statue outside Arena
  • The Miami Heat have a landing spot for Tyler Herro
  • Blazers have no trade interest in Karl-Anthony Towns
Tyler Herro, Miami Heat
Tyler Herro, Miami Heat / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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NBA Rumors: No set date for Kobe Bryant statue outside Lakers arena

Earlier in the month, the Daily Mail reported that the Los Angeles Lakers would unveil a statue of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gigi, who both died in a tragic plane accident three years ago. The alleged date of the statue's unveiling outside Arena was Aug. 8, 2024 -- or, in a fitting nod to Kobe, 8/8/24.

Now, a new report from Lakers insider Arash Markazi disputes the original claim. The Lakers are going to build Kobe a statue, of course, and Gigi's inclusion has been discussed. That said, there is no set date and a statue design has not been commissioned, according to multiple sources within the Lakers organization.

This is a strange development, as there's no conceivable reason for false reporting about Kobe's statue. If anything, it's disrespectful to the Bryant family if unfounded speculation was passed as fact. While 8/8/24 is the perfect date in terms of surface-level symbolism, the date doesn't really matter. The statue will provide fans with the opportunity to celebrate a franchise legend and a community icon lost far too soon. If the Lakers need more time to work out the details, that's fine.

It's only a matter of time until Bryant is immortalized in bronze outside the Lakers' arena. Until an official announcement from the team is made, it's probably best to avoid pointless theorizing. Just take solace in the inevitability.