NBA rumors: Kobe statue update, Tyler Herro landing spot, Blazers out on KAT

  • New information surfaces about the Kobe Bryant statue outside Arena
  • The Miami Heat have a landing spot for Tyler Herro
  • Blazers have no trade interest in Karl-Anthony Towns
Tyler Herro, Miami Heat
Tyler Herro, Miami Heat / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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NBA Rumors: Blazers have no desire for Towns-Lillard trade

With Anthony Edwards on the rise for Team USA, it's only natural for the Minnesota Timberwolves to emerge as a potential landing spot for available NBA stars. The problem, of course, is twofold. One, the Wolves will struggle to compile an enticing trade package after selling their future for Rudy Gobert, and two, the Wolves have to convince prospective stars to play happily in Minnesota.

The Wolves fail on both fronts in the case of Damian Lillard. According to Aaron J. Fentress of the Oregonian, Portland has no interest in Karl-Anthony Towns. Lillard also has no interest in Minnesota, to nobody's surprise. That all but eliminates a feasible path for Dame to end up in the land of 10,000 lakes.

On paper, the Wolves are a great landing spot for Dame. He would get to share the backcourt with Edwards, a consistent source of rim pressure who can defend better than Lillard's previous backcourt running mates in Portland. Lillard would also have a staunch rim protector behind him in Gobert, not to mention a sturdy screen-setter and a quality vertical threat on offense.

Of course, Lillard has made his desire to play in Miami (and only Miami) abudantly clear. The Heat are reigning Eastern Conference champs with a long history of winning. The Wolves, not so much. There's also locale to consider. Minneapolis doesn't have the same sunny beaches to appeal to Lillard's off-court sensibilities.

The Wolves could get close in value to Lillard with a trade package built around KAT and Jaden McDaniels, one of the best defensive wings in the NBA, but such a trade is plainly not going to happen.

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