NBA rumors: Warriors and McGee reunion, Ant compared to D-Wade, stretch deadline looming

  • Could the Warriors reunite with JaVale McGee?
  • An important NBA deadline looms
  • Anthony Edwards earns a lofty comparison
Erik Spoelstra, Anthony Edwards, Team USA
Erik Spoelstra, Anthony Edwards, Team USA / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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NBA Rumors: Waive and stretch deadline is one week away

The NBA's waive and stretch deadline is next Thursday, Aug. 31. The Mavs broke the seal with the McGee move, but don't be surprised if a few more contracts are similarly discarded before the week is through.

Of course, the waive-and-stretch doesn't actually discard a contract. It simply, well, stretches it. Teams can waive a player, allowing him to enter the free agent pool, while stretching the remaining value on his contract over a specific time period.

According to cap expert Keith Smith, teams can stretch a player's contract for two times the years left on the deal, plus one more year. In the case of JaVale McGee, that means the remaining two years and $11.7 million on his contract will be spread over the next five years for Dallas. So, McGee will be on Dallas' ledger five years from now, even if he has long since retired.

Teams are notably allowed to stretch players after the Aug. 31 deadline, but it would only apply to cap hits in the 2024-25 season and beyond. A player's 2023-24 cap hit becomes locked once the calendar flips to September.