NFL Rumors: 16 trade candidates who could or should be moved in 2024

With NFL Free Agency in full swing, some teams who missed out on their original pieces will shoot for the trade market. Which stars could be looking for new homes?

Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals
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4. Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

Now this one is spicy. The Seattle Seahawks made the shock move of the offseason, announcing that Pete Carroll was no longer going to be the head coach in the Pacific Northwest. Instead, they hired Ravens assistant Mike Macdonald. The move was widely praised across the league. Macdonald has a great football mind, and most of us are excited to see what he does as the man in charge.

One person who is likely not terribly excited for the prospect is Geno Smith. Smith was Carroll’s second-greatest accomplishment in Seattle next to his Super Bowl. Most thought the former WVU product was a complete bust after failing with the Jets and Giants. Yet, Carroll turned him into a Pro Bowler two years in a row and a Comeback Player of the Year winner in 2022. 

Unfortunately for Smith, Macdonald doesn’t have that same connection to him. The Seahawks did not live up to their expectations last season. Smith was still good, throwing for 3,600 yards and 20 touchdowns in 15 games, but he wasn’t this star that he was the year before. 

Now, the Seahawks aren’t just going to throw Smith to the curb without a plan for the future. That’s where Justin Fields comes in. The market for Fields is going cold fast, so Seattle can come in with an offer Chicago might need to take. Part of that could include Smith, who could be flipped for more assets or kept as a backup.