NFL Rumors: 16 trade candidates who could or should be moved in 2024

With NFL Free Agency in full swing, some teams who missed out on their original pieces will shoot for the trade market. Which stars could be looking for new homes?

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15. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears would love to trade Justin Fields. However, the trade market is a delicate process. It's possible that Ryan Poles already received an offer that he would have accepted today, but those offers might be off the table now that free agency has begun. Obvious targets like the Atlanta Falcons and Las Vegas Raiders upgraded the QB position through free agency. Now, the teams who need a QB are few and far between.

Back when the Bears were pretending they might trade the number-one overall pick and keep Fields, there was a laundry list of teams who needed quarterbacks at the time. Now, it seems like he overplayed the market, and now he's left holding onto two talented quarterbacks. We suppose there have been worse positions, but this is clearly not ideal.

Few and far between is not none, however. There are still teams looking for a quarterback, and Fields is the youngest with the most experience on the market. If there is truly a star in Fields, a team will be getting someone great for more than a decade. He's one year older than NFL Draft prospects Bo Nix and Michael Penix. There's still a lot of runway with Fields.

At this point, it probably makes the most sense for the Bears to sit on the asset until at least training camp. One major injury, and a QB room of Justin Fields and Caleb Williams makes them their first call. We saw this with the Eagles back in 2016 when they chose Carson Wentz second overall. After Teddy Bridgewater suffered a severe knee injury, the Vikings sold the farm to get Sam Bradford. Maybe the Bears could get themselves a farm if they are patient.