NFL Rumors: 16 trade candidates who could or should be moved in 2024

With NFL Free Agency in full swing, some teams who missed out on their original pieces will shoot for the trade market. Which stars could be looking for new homes?

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9. Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers

Speaking of "building in your likeness," Harbaugh is likely looking at the stars of this team and considering who should stay and who should go. A lot will go into the decision. Do they work well with others? Will moving them save more on salary than hurt them on the depth chart? Joey Bosa is in a very interesting spot, especially considering they are trying to move Mack.

Bosa, on paper, is a superstar defensive lineman who could turn a game on its head by himself. He's fantastic at rushing the passer, well, at least he was. His impact has been muted the last few seasons, and it's likely because injuries are catching up with him.

Bosa has played in eight seasons, but he's only played full seasons in three of them. Last season, he missed eight games. The year before, he missed 12 games. Every year, he seems to be in and out of the lineup. He's going to count $36 million against the salary cap this season. The Chargers can't afford to pay that when Bosa can't stay on the field.

Who knows what the Bosa market is going to look like. That contract and a possibly extension is somehow much scarier than a Mack contract would look. However, it still makes more sense to trade him than to keep him.