NFL Rumors: AJ Brown trade, Justin Fields latest, Belichick's biggest flaws

  • The Eagles AJ Brown trade rumors have been overblown.
  • A Justin Fields trade could happen soon for the Bears.
  • Bill Belichick's biggest flaws were exposed in coaching search.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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NFL rumors: Legendary coach Bill Belichick has big flaws that may have cost him the Falcons head coaching job

When the news broke that Bill Belichick had been interviewed for the vacant head coach position with the Atlanta Falcons, the consensus belief was that he would get the job with little competition. In all honesty, there may not be a more decorated coach in the history of the NFL, including the great Vince Lombardi.

But Atlanta opted to keep doing interviews before they announced they had hired Raheem Morris to be the coach of their team. Shock set in among NFL media as to what could have led to Atlanta deciding against the legendary Belichick.

But Belichick has a few key flaws that have since been pointed out. Jeff Howe of the Athletic recently made some comments about this where he wrote:

“Belichick’s mishandling of the Patriots’ quarterback situation in recent years, his desire to maintain total control of football operations and a growing concern over the coach’s ability to relate to this generation of players."

As fans and media have been given time to digest the decision, it starts to make a bit more sense. Belichick has little 21st century success at the quarterback position, besides Tom Brady, including a complete mishandling of the last few seasons with the Patriots.

He is also very involved in all of the football operations, which could be a feature that Atlanta wasn't willing to give him.

Alongside that, the game is rapidly changing. Players are involved with social media more than ever. Statistics have taken over the game, bringing a new age approach to the old school game that Belichick grew up coaching. Maybe his time as a legendary coach is just in the past at this point.