NFL Rumors: AJ Brown trade, Justin Fields latest, Belichick's biggest flaws

  • The Eagles AJ Brown trade rumors have been overblown.
  • A Justin Fields trade could happen soon for the Bears.
  • Bill Belichick's biggest flaws were exposed in coaching search.

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NFL rumors: Latest news on Bears QB Justin Fields

Justin Fields has been productive enough over the last few years to give the Bears front office hope that he could be a quality quarterback in the NFL, if surrounded by the right talent. But the Bears have found themselves in quite the predicament, albeit a good one to have.

The Bears are currently on the clock in the 2024 NFL Draft, holding the No. 1 overall pick. The consensus top pick, Caleb Williams, plays the same position as the 2021 Bears first round pick Justin Fields: quarterback. So who will they roll with?

The idea, as of now, is that the Bears will keep the first pick in the draft and use it to select Williams. This leaves the Bears with an incredibly young and talented player in Fields that they would need to deal over the next few months.

Teams like the Steelers, Patriots, and the Giants all have big holes at the quarterback position and the draft capital necessary to make a move for Fields. Chicago will likely be looking for top draft picks and/or an NFL ready player to fill in their roster.

If something changes and Chicago is less intrigued about Williams, opting to keep Fields, they could move the first pick for a haul of talent and picks. That doesn't appear to be their plan as of now, but anything could change in the future. As of today, it seems as though Fields has played his final games in a Chicago Bears uniform.