NFL Rumors: Chiefs star hunting, Davante Adams dark horse, Kirk Cousins alternative

  • Are the Chiefs star hunting around the NFL trade deadline?
  • Davante Adams floated to the Houston Texans? Make it make sense
  • If teams cannot afford Kirk Cousins, then why not Ryan Tannehill?

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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NFL Rumors: Dark horse suitor for Raiders WR Davante Adams?

The Raiders are under no obligation to trade Davante Adams. They did just win this past weekend against the Green Bay Packers, thanks in large part to Adams and the passing game. If they think the offense is finally coming together to make a run at the AFC Wild Card, then perhaps they'll ignore me entirely.

However, if they were going to trade Adams, a dark horse suitor like the Houston Texans makes a lot of sense. Houston has an emerging rookie QB of its own in C.J. Stroud, and lacks weapons. Nico Collins has been excellent, but he is not a true No. 1. Adams can offer that.

Adams admitted recently that the Raiders experience hasn't been what he expected. He reportedly wanted the team to take a shot on Aaron Rodgers in the offseason, but they instead acquired Jimmy Garoppolo. It's taken that tandem some time to play at full speed, and Jimmy G isn't exactly the type of quarterback who can make his weapons better -- if anything, it's the other way around with Adams and Garoppolo.

The former Packers star is just 1.5 years into his new contract. Vegas can keep him around as an attractive commodity to get fans to pack the stadium. They could also flip him for some high draft picks, which is the more logical move for a franchise that is still a few good decisions away from competing with the Chiefs in the AFC West. Houston makes a lot of sense.