NFL Rumors: Falcons push back on Bill Belichick, Dan Quinn threat, Kliff landing spot

An NFL rumors update with details on Bill Belichick's situation with Atlanta, details on Dan Quinn and a landing spot for Kliff Kingsbury.

Jan 11, 2024; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots former head coach Bill Belichick holds a
Jan 11, 2024; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots former head coach Bill Belichick holds a / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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NFL Rumors: Kliff Kingsbury listed as a potential candidate for the Eagles offensive coordinator position

It's obvious, after the late season collapse, that the Philadelphia Eagles need to make some changes within their franchise in order to make it back to the Super Bowl. Philadelphia has a ton of talent, led by a loaded defense and a high-powered offense. They just haven't put the pieces together very well over the last year.

A year ago, Jalen Hurts was one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. He was an MVP favorite while playing for one of the better teams and offenses in the entire league. But 2023 wasn't the same at all. Hurts would throw nine more interceptions in 2023 than he did in 2022, while losing five more games.

Thus, it's obvious this offense needs a reset. Especially after AJ Brown's late season injury and resulting absence from the playoff game.

NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler recently noted, in his notebook, an interesting idea of bringing in Kliff Kingsbury. Fowler noted:

"My antenna is up for Kliff Kingsbury in Philadelphia as the potential offensive coordinator hire there, and the Jalen Hurts connection is a big reason. Kingsbury has worked with Lincoln Riley and has a similar offense to his -- and Riley brought out the best in Hurts at Oklahoma. The system is similar to what Nick Sirianni runs. A prime objective with Philly's search, I'm told, is to maximize Hurts. I'm not saying Kingsbury is the guy, but there might be something there."

If the idea is to maximize Hurts, who still seems to be their franchise quarterback, this idea makes a ton of sense. The best Jalen Hurts may be the Jalen Hurts that was terrorizing college defenses at Oklahoma. This move could get him back to that quarterback, this time in the NFL.