NFL Rumors: More Kelce-Swift gossip, Jonathan Taylor-Browns trade package, and a Denver downer

  • What's going on with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, really?
  • Russell Wilson and the Broncos are tarring Sean Payton's reputation
  • Jonathan Taylor to the Browns, who says no?
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NFL Rumors: Russell Wilson beats Drew Brees in this sad Sean Payton-related stat

The Denver Broncos lost to the Washington Commanders in Week 2, blowing an 18-point lead against Eric Bieniemy's new-look NFC East team.

The game definitely delivered on the virtue of entertainment alone as it featured everything from dirty hits to Hail Mary passes to buckets of touchdowns on both sides. It also left a pretty nasty splotch on Sean Payton's pristine resume.

With the 35-33 loss, Sean Payton is now 72-1 when his team has an 18-point lead. In Payton's past head coaching stint in New Orleans, then-Saints quarterback Drew Brees had never managed to blow such a large lead. On Sunday, Russell Wilson did.

This stat is only the latest undesirable footnote to be added to Sean Payton's legacy. The ex-Saints coach is 0-2 to start the 2023 season and has yet to face the big guns of the AFC West. Payton will go down in history as the Saints' most successful coach of all time and a Hall-of-Famer, but he still has his work cut out for him in Denver.

Up next, a challenging matchup against the Miami Dolphins. Let's see if Russell Wilson can keep dragging Payton down.