NFL rumors: Patriots cryptic move, Deshaun Watson replacement, Broncos blowing it up?

  • Players in the Broncos facility think the team could be close to blowing things up
  • Could the Browns trade for a replacement for Deshaun Watson?
  • The Patriots are looking to do... something. What that is is unknown

Sep 24, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick at
Sep 24, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick at / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
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Insiders are starting to discuss the possibility of a Deshaun Watson replacement

The Deshaun Watson situation is confounding. There appears to be little consensus, even in Cleveland, over the status of Watson's injury that has kept him out of games this season. With the trade deadline coming up quickly, the Browns need to decide if they're in or out this year, especially with their defense.

This past week, Myles Garrett and the Browns defense basically won Cleveland's game over the Indianapolis Colts. Watson started but had to leave the game. With that phase of the game rock solid, could there be validity in trading for a better backup than P.J. Walker or Dorian Thompson-Robinson?

Dianna Russini talked about it with Ryen Russillo on his podcast recently.

Russini, first, emphasized that she has been told by people in the Browns organization that at this point, Watson's lack of inclusion on injured reserve is a signal that the team isn't worried about him. That said, it doesn't mean the team isn't thinking about possible insurance policies that might be useful if he does need to sit a substantial portion of the late season.

"They're always open to finding that insurance. OK? So I don't know if they're are going to be able to find the right fit. But I know it's something that has been discussed in the building."

Beyond insurance for Watson, the team is also looking in other areas according to Russini:

"In terms of what they're looking for, I've heard some calls have been made about adding a receiver, adding an offensive lineman."

So, they're not panicked over Watson, but they're also not completely avoiding the idea of maybe needing to take out an insurance policy that may or may not have to step in as a replacement.