NFL Rumors: 3 next teams for Russell Wilson who should gamble at the vet minimum

Russell Wilson will be cut by the Broncos but is set to make $39 million from the team in 2024, which gives him more options to play next season

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New England Patriots

Another option Russell Wilson should consider is the New England Patriots. The Patriots finished the 2023 season with a 4-13 record and decided to clean house. The Patriots parted ways with long-time coach Bill Belichick and chose to bring in a new coaching regime led by Jerod Mayo. The Patriots may have only won four games this past season but have the most recent success compared to the previous two teams. Belichick and Tom Brady won six Super Bowls from 2001 to 2016.

The Patriots currently hold the third-overall pick in the draft and are supposedly interested in drafting a top signal-caller but are also prepared to sign a veteran quarterback to “keep the seat warm.” We have seen this work out for franchises with recent examples such as Patrick Mahomes sitting behind Alex Smith or, more recently, Jordan Love sitting behind Aaron Rodgers.

According to, the Patriots have $101 million in cap space, which can help transform the Patriots back into a competitive team.

What Russ brings

Russell Wilson brings two things to an NFL franchise. First is experience. Russell Wilson’s two years with the Broncos were disappointing, but in 2023, he could still play at a decent clip. Before that, his ten seasons with the Seattle Seahawks proved how good he can be at his best. Wilson was selected to the Pro Bowl nine times, led the Seahawks to the Super Bowl twice, and won once.

The second is flexibility. That is financial flexibility. Wilson is set to make $39 million from the Broncos and is prepared to join a team on the veteran minimum. This would help a team to add more pieces and build a competitive team around Wilson. The Patriots make the most sense based on Wilson's core requirement.