5 teams desperate enough to sign Russell Wilson this offseason

Russell Wilson will be a free agent as soon as the Denver Broncos can make it happen, and these five teams might be desperate enough to sign him.

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3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Like the Commanders, the Steelers also theoretically have a young quarterback to build around in Kenny Pickett. But the 2022 first-round pick didn't take the expected step in his second season, and on the whole, his first two seasons have been underwhelming (and injury-dampened). An ankle injury has cost him the last three games heading into Week 17, with a hint of a chance he could be healthy enough to play against the Seattle Seahawks.

Pickett will not be gone in 2024, but bringing in someone to legitimately compete with him for or to just be given the starting job has to be in play. Mitch Trubisky and/or Mason Rudolph aren't it, even if Trubisky seems likely to be back based on his contract alone.

Wilson really can't be any worse than Pickett has been. And for whatever it's worth (very little, from this corner), Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has shown an affinity for players from the Richmond, Virginia area (which Wilson is).

The Steelers could sign Wilson while still developing Pickett as their quarterback of the future under a new offensive coordinator. Much like the Seahawks during Wilson's early years, Pittsburgh has the offensive supporting cast and playoff-caliber defense to foster plenty of success. They just need a more reliable quarterback.