5 teams desperate enough to sign Russell Wilson this offseason

Russell Wilson will be a free agent as soon as the Denver Broncos can make it happen, and these five teams might be desperate enough to sign him.

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2. Las Vegas Raiders

The 7-8 Raiders have also likely played themselves out of an ideal draft position to take one of the top quarterbacks in the 2024 draft. But there's no doubt they need a quarterback.

That resurgence is an overall credit to interim (and should be made permanent) head coach Antonio Pierce after the firing of Josh McDaniels mid-season. But they've won some games with minimal contribution from rookie quarterback Aidan O'Connell, and a better answer under center for 2024 (and beyond) should be on the agenda.

There are a lot of questions around the Raiders right now, from whether Pierce will be made the permanent head coach to what the supporting cast around the quarterback will look like (Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs back?). Who the permanent general manager and head coach are will obviously play a big role in any quarterback decision.

In pondering potential destinations for Wilson, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk offered up a quasi-revenge angle for him to sign with another team in the AFC West.

"The most obvious destination is the Raiders. Jump to a division rival. Take the league minimum for 2024, and stick the Broncos with the balance of the $39 million in cash due to Wilson next year. They need a quarterback. Wilson can still play at a sufficiently high level to start."

Behind the generally smiling public facade he offers up, Wilson is a prideful person who seems sure to carry being benched by the Broncos into his search for a new team. If the Raiders want him, they may indeed be "the most obvious destination" for him.