5 teams desperate enough to sign Russell Wilson this offseason

Russell Wilson will be a free agent as soon as the Denver Broncos can make it happen, and these five teams might be desperate enough to sign him.

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1. New York Giants

But didn't the Giants just pay (overpay) Daniel Jones, you say? That's true, and his 2023 season also ended with a torn ACL as he had regressed and his supporting cast took a beating. So it would seem they are totally stuck with him, at least for 2024 as he rehabs his injury into the early portion of the season.

It wouldn't be ideal, but there's a path for the Giants to cut bait with Jones in 2024. Designating him as a post-June 1 cut would not cost them any money against the cap next year, with (as expected) a sizeable dead money hit of $47.1 million (according to Over The Cap). In 2025, it would be far easier to part with Jones.

Before Wilson was traded to the Broncos in 2022, the Giants were reportedly among the teams who were interested in him before he chose Denver. If he's willing to take a one-year minimum (or close to it) deal from his next team, and as mentioned leave the Broncos with the balance of the significant cash he's owed in 2024 as his parting gesture, that would theoretically land him on the Giants' radar again.

Giants' head coach Brian Daboll may need to have a successful season in 2024 to secure his job after that. A move to make sure the quarterback position is not left to chance, as much as possible anyway, would be in order and Wilson could be that capable veteran solution.

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