Packers Rumors: Jordan Love jitters, D-line depth, and more

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Packers Rumors: Green Bay owns the Bears and the Beers

Bears. Beers. Battlestar Galactica.

In 2023, the Packers can call themselves the rightful owners of two things: the Chicago Bears franchise (until Justin Fields proves them otherwise), and the title of the drunkest fanbase in America.

A recent study this summer found that Packers fans drink every other team's fans under the table. Based on a survey of 3,000-plus adults, the average Packers fan reportedly consumes 6.3 beers per game.

Honestly, this should come as no surprise whatsoever, given that Wisconsin is the drunkest state in the country. No. 1 in the alcoholic index rankings, No. 1 in the NFC North? We'll see about the second one.

One of the authors of the study said: "True Packers fans still have feelings about (Brett) Favre’s exit, Aaron Rodgers’ love of meditative retreats, or their team’s postseason inconsistencies, making it easy to love a cold beer. Or six."

So... you're saying Rodgers' conspiracy theories and ayahuasca recreational usage drives fans to drink more? Hm, interesting. Jets fans better be ready to shotgun that PBR.

In any case, the owners of Lambeau Field thank Packers fans for their service. With the Packers franchise's future hazier than ever, expect those fans to be ordering beers by the pitcher in 2023.