Predicting 5 major college football upsets still to come in the 2023 season

Keep an eye on these five college football games as ones where major upsets could really happen.
Jonathan Smith, Oregon State Beavers
Jonathan Smith, Oregon State Beavers / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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Week 10: No. 6 Oklahoma Sooners at Oklahoma State Cowboys

There may be other more probable upsets potentially on the horizon in Week 10, but keep an eye on the final installment of Bedlam, aight. The Oklahoma Sooners may be undefeated and ranked firmly inside the top 10, but Mike Gundy's Pokes are certainly poking around in the Big 12. This was supposed to be a major pullback year in Stillwater, but Oklahoma State is already 5-2 on the season.

Historically, this is very much a hammer vs. nail rivalry in The Sooner State, but you have to wonder with this one being in Stillwater if the Cowboys can shock the college football world here and set the Big 12's College Football Playoff chances a-blaze. With Oklahoma going to the SEC in 2024 alongside Texas, this could be the last meeting between the two Oklahoma schools in some time. How tragic...

Could Oklahoma State win this one and force its way into the Big 12 title bout conversation? Sure, but just when you think you can trust Oklahoma State, the Pokes get smoked. Still, you have to wonder if the cards are lining up for an upset special brewing at Boone Pickens in two weeks. Oklahoma can still afford a loss and can get into the playoff, but this one might mean a little more for the Cowboys.

A loss in Bedlam could be the straw that breaks the camel's back of OU maybe making the playoff.