5 Los Angeles Rams stars Raheem Morris can recruit to Atlanta

Raheem Morris is taking over the Atlanta Falcons, a team he knows well, only this time, for real.

Raheem Morris, Los Angeles Rams
Raheem Morris, Los Angeles Rams / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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1. Zac Robinson is the likeliest candidate to be the offensive coordinator

This is so painfully obvious. Although Morris will interview other candidates, the presumptive favorite to be the Falcons' next offensive coordinator and primary play-caller has to be Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Robinson. He spent some time in the league as a backup, but I remember him from his days starring for Mike Gundy's Oklahoma State Cowboys. Robinson also has a PFF background, too.

No, I don't think the Rams are going to let Mike LaFleur leave Sean McVay's staff for a similar role. McVay may love to see his good friend Morris succeed in Atlanta, but keep in mind that the Falcons and the Rams play in the same conference. I think Robinson, and potentialy even tight ends coach Nick Caley, are ripe for the picking. It almost feels like a foregone conclusion that Robinson is coming.

While Robinson has only coached for the Rams on McVay's staff since retiring and doing PFF things, he is surely going to be more useful than his potential Falcons predecessor Dave Ragone. I understand that he worked with the quarterbacks, but he never called plays. That was Arthur Smith's favorite thing to do, and he did it poorly in Atlanta. Robinson is an ascending coaching candidate.

If Morris is not able to get someone like Robinson as offensive coordinator, Atlanta should be worried.

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