Ranking trade targets for the Los Angeles Lakers

As the Lakers head into the trade deadline needing an upgrade at the point guard spot, here is a ranking of their rumored trade targets.

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers
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With the Lakers looking to upgrade their starting point guard before the trade deadline, Matt Moore of the Action Network has put together a list of veterans that the squad has been linked with. While the Lakers' preference for these players is not completely known, we can guess based on their subjective skills who would end up as the best fit.

6. Spencer Dinwiddie

To be quite honest, trading for Spencer Dinwiddie would probably not fix the Lakers' defensive issues with D'Angelo Russell in the lineup. Also on the offensive end, it would most likely not be an upgrade unless the thing about him being on strike is true. While this could only be considered the smallest of upgrades, this would probably not cost the Lakers a true first-round pick unless he's coming in a deal that also brings in some more help on the wing — like Royce O'Neale or Dorian Finney-Smith.

While the team would probably have to give up a protected first round pick, the Lakers could probably get away with only giving up a similar protection that the team gave up last season. Due to their trade last season, L.A is able to keep their first round in 2027 if it falls inside of the top four.

5. Tyus Jones

While Tyus Jones isn't a big name by any means, the Lakers should highly look into this option for many different reasons. Jones is a solid starter in this league and doesn't really have a huge weaknesses on either side of the ball. While he will not be a player that makes or breaks a offensive or defensive game plan, he is a veteran that teams will have to prepare for in the playoffs.

Jones's salary is also not a back breaker which could allow the Lakers to acquire another solid established NBA veteran from the Wizards without adding any extra salary. If the Lakers were to add Jalen Hood-Schifino for salary matching purposes, the Lakers could possibly add more draft compensation to justify Washington also giving up Daniel Gafford.

This possible trade would allow the Lakers to solve their point guard issues and fill some depth in their front-court at the same time. As we get into the headliners, this Lakers squad mustn't be completely solved with just a change at starting point guard. The franchise probably needs some more depth to have a good chance of winning the title this season.