Red Sox Rumors: Jordan Montgomery optimism, Jorge Soler buzz, bullpen upgrades

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Red Sox Rumors: Jordan Montgomery optimism

While the Red Sox are unlikely to pursue left-hander Jordan Montgomery, there may still be a slight chance that they could land him.

The expectation this winter is that Montgomery will return to the Texas Rangers, who he helped guide to their first World Series title in franchise history. However, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News thinks that is unlikely, as he stated on Foul Territory on Friday.

If Montgomery doesn't return to the Rangers, the Red Sox could find themselves with a shot to land him. An important thing to note is that Montgomery's wife is currently working at a hospital in Boston, which, who knows, could be a deciding factor in his free agency.

It's also worth noting that a friend of Peter Gammons was visiting a Boston College baseball practice and noticed a Rangers bag that he was told belonged to the veteran left-hander.

And so, Montgomery's family ties could ultimately work in the Red Sox's favor as they try to improve their pitching staff. Even after signing Lucas Giolito, Boston is in need of some more help on the pitching side, and Montgomery could be a perfect fit.