Saquon Barkley's former NY Giants teammate joins him in betrayal

One of Saquon Barkley's former New York Giants teammates has also joined the Philadelphia Eagles.

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
Washington Commanders v New York Giants / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

When Saquon Barkley signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants fans were up in arms. This is all despite the fact the Giants never made Barkley a competitive offer, and he received a surprising amount of guaranteed money from the Eagles.

When former Giants running back Tiki Barber questioned Barkley's loyalty to New York, the Penn State product responded thusly:

"Lol yup you’re the prime example of loyalty to a team," Barkley tweeted in response to Barber. "I got the deal I wanted, secured more gm [guaranteed money] which wasn’t given to me before… so if fans are gonna hate me for that so be it! But I never turned my back on my teammates and always had theirs."

So, will Barber and Giants fans keep that same energy as Parris Campbell signs in Philadelphia?

That seems unlikely, as Campbell's tenure in the Big Apple was far shorter. Campbell began his career with the Indianapolis Colts and was brought to New York last season in an effort to provide Daniel Jones with more weapons. Instead, Jones went down with an injury and Campbell struggled, making just 20 catches for 104 yards in 12 games played.

Will Parris Campbell make an impact on the Eagles offense?

The Philadelphia Eagles receiving corps is loaded with talent, including the likes of AJ Brown and Devonta Smith. Campbell could fit in behind those two on the depth chart, though Philadelphia also added DeVante Parker this offseason as well.

Campbell does provide some depth and familiarity for Barkley, which should help him acclimate to the Eagles locker room. That kind of value cannot be measured, and shouldn't be taken lightly for an Eagles team with Super Bowl aspirations.

With the Eagles just two years removed from an appearance in the big game, it should come as no surprise that even their biggest rivals are along for the ride.