Steelers Rumors: Najee Harris trade, Broderick Jones mistake, Antonio Brown trouble

  • Would the Steelers actually consider trading Najee Harris?
  • Why benching Broderick Jones is a mistake.
  • Antonio Brown is in trouble...again.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Why in the world would the Steelers bench Broderick Jones now?

Broderick Jones has started one game against the Baltimore Ravens, and the first-round pick played like the best offensive lineman on the field for the Steelers. The return of Dan Moore Jr. is on the horizon, and though Moore was one of the worst linemen on the team through his first four games, he could get his starting spot back.

“He’s a really young football player. So, he’s going to get better, has to get better,” offensive line coach Pat Meyer said. “I don’t just give him a ton of stuff each week, it’s more two or three things to work each week. So, yes, that hand usage is something he can work on. You know, punch timing, not bending over and getting overextended through his punch, placement. Those are all things he is working on.”

Jones may be young, be he's done more in one game than Moore has accomplished all season long. What Moore does have is the flexibility to play multiple positions. The Steelers should take advantage of that, and use Moore as a pseudo-backup of sorts, inserting him when one of their offensive linemen inevitably goes down. PFF praised Jones's efforts against Baltimore:

“He’s on an island with Jadeveon Clowney, no problems. They gave him absolutely no help. He was out there on his own… He stops Jadeveon Clowney in two steps. It’s beautiful. You can’t get any better on the island," Pro Football Focus noted.

The Steelers won't say for sure whether Jones or Moore will start, but if Pittsburgh makes the wrong decision, it could set their rookie back and set a poor example.