Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul appears to bully cornerback Prince Amukamara in a video that has gone viral. (Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE)

(VIDEO) Giants Locker-room Bullying: Innocent Prank or Are Problems Brewing in New York

Giving a guy a hard time is part of football — it’s what men are supposedly supposed to do. From innocent towel snapping to throwing a second year cornerback into a tub of freezing cold water, in a football locker-room no one is safe. But when does it stop being good natured fun and start being an issue that could put a rift in the middle of the New York Giants defense?

That’s the question at hand, as a video of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul throwing cornerback Prince Amukamara into a tub of freezing cold water has gone viral.

Here’s where it gets interesting though. The video starts and it all seems like a good natured prank. We’ve all been there where a beloved family member picks us up and tosses us into the pool — it’s a classic family get-together cliche. But in this video, it doesn’t look like Amukamara is putting up much of a fight.

The context of the video is unknown and the first sign that it could become an issue is the fact that Twitter took the video down, stating it violates their harassment policy.

With teammates following, Pierre-Paul squeezes his massive frame into a doorway and promptly dumps — and I mean dumps– Amukamara into a freezing cold tub. Instead of laughing it off, Amukamara angrily wipes his eyes and gets out of the tub looking very displeased. This isn’t a displeased look that guys getting innocently hazed wear, this is a look of a man who is seriously angry he just got thrown into a tub of cold water.

Amukamara proceeded to storm out of the room, with a few players accompanying him closely.

Head coach Tom Coughlin appears to be less-than-thrilled as well with the situation, saying that he’ll look into the incident, going as far as calling it inappropriate.

“I’m going to look into it, I’m going to talk to the parties involved,” Coughlin said Sunday, via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “As I’m understanding it, there were some parts of it that were inappropriate.  And in no way, anything that occurs within this family or within our group should be a part of social media.  I’m going to address that strongly because I spent a little time on that this preseason.”

Now I get it, there’s a certain element of macho-man swagger you have to have in a locker-room. Is it stupid and all for show, most likely, but not everyone fits in with that attitude. Just because out uncles dump us in the pool doesn’t mean we like it. Will we get over it, yes. But for that time being we are not happy campers and hopefully for the Giants, Amukamara is a case of the latter.

The video speaks for itself. Either Amukamara isn’t a big fan of the macho locker-room antics that come with being a football player (who wants to get dumped in a tub, I mean honestly), or this was a case of locker-room bullying. You be the judge.

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  • David3451

    THIS is bullying?!?!?! What the hell is wrong with you p***y, this is what happens in a lockerroom. You’ve clearly never played football before. Stop being al title girl, and grow a pair. You’re what’s wrong with this country, this isn’t bullying this is what men do, little girl

  • Billy B

    Seems like a non-issue. When someone gets seriously injured or killed from hazing or a prank let me know. Or if it happens everyday and there is nothing Prince can do about then I’ll be concerned.

  • Jason

    This is rediculous. I hate this manly-man attitude that has to go on in football locker-rooms. Clearly Prince didn’t want to get thrown in the tub and I bet he didn’t react more aggressively afterwords, like shout at JPP cuz he knew there was a camera there and didn’t want this to blow up even more so. This is so sick.

  • Noah S.

    How is this a non-issue. Prince clearly didn’t like being thrown into the tub, and I get lockerrooms are like this, and guys get rowdy. But all the times I’ve been in on football pranks and antics everyone was in good spirits. Prince looked pissed. Idk, maybe that’s just who he is. Maybe Prince is the a-hole in all this and then again maybe no one is. But it’s not a non issue.

    • Billy B

      How is this a non issue? Guys do an elephant walk, do you know what that is? The new guys get in a line and get naked then you have to grab the guys junk in front of you and walk around the field. Getting thrown in a cold tub? Oh no, how awful. Prince’s life is ruined.

      • Billy B

        Also “everyone was in good spirits”? Are you positive kids weren’t faking it so they wouldn’t get hazed or picked on more? Just because someone is smiling or looks like they’re having a good time doesn’t mean they are.

  • Tim G.

    I’ve never been a supporter of the hazing that goes on in locker rooms and fraternities. How many people have to get hurt or die before some people realize this is an issue? I don’t think hazing is ever going to change, but as an athlete I think you realize going in that it’s part of the job and have to deal with it. With football there is a physical aspect and a mental aspect and you have to be mentally tough to play the best you can.