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NFL Network To Air 'Top Ten Things We Love About Tim Tebow'

Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

The NFL Network has taken their love for New York Jets personal punt protector and backup quarterback Tim Tebow to a new level. It’s almost sickening but the network will be unveiling a special this Saturday called “Top 10 Things We Love About Tim Tebow.”

What could a top ten list for Tim Tebow include? Here are some ideas.

1. All he does is win. 

That’s right, Tebow just wins. Let’s ignore his below average statistics and the fact that he was carried by an impressive defense and one of the best kickers in the league in Denver. It was all Tebow.

2. Tebowing

Before Tebow, there was never a player in the NFL to take a knee and give glory to their god. Perhaps they were simply checking out the turf but Tebow invented the one knee prayer that has brought religion into the game.

3. He’s always excited

4. Toughness

Tebow always exhibits toughness on the football field. Tebow runs like a fullback and throws like one, too. He is not afraid to take a hard hit if it helps his team gain a yard. Tebow will just lower his shoulder and push the ball another few inches. He’s always trying to help move the chains. I mean, you have to be tough to be a personal punt protector!

5. Humility

Tim Tebow isn’t the greatest quarterback in the league and he knows it. Seeing Tebow recklessly throw the ball around the field with inspiring inaccuracy gives us all hope that we could still accomplish our dream of becoming a NFL quarterback.

It is hard to come up with ten things to love about Tim Tebow as a football player when, quite frankly, he hasn’t really accomplished much. It is his cult-like following that keeps Tebow at the top of popularity charts and keeps the media talking about him. People buy into the Tebow hype for whatever reason.

Like it or not, Tebow is here to stay and the NFL Network is giving us ten reasons why this Saturday.

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