Miami Dolphins Inviting Rams Fans To Games

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The Miami Dolphins appear to be taking a page out of the San Diego Chargers’ playbook on how to lure fans to home games.

Fans of the opposing team.

For the second time since July, an NFL team has reached out to the FanSided Network asking us to help them sell tickets to fans of other teams.

In this case, it was the Miami Dolphins wanting us to sling discount tickets to the good folks of St. Louis via our Rams site Ramblin Fan.

We received the following email this week:


I am a Group Sales Representative from the Miami Dolphins. I would like =

to offer my services to all Rams fans that you are associated with that =

would be interested in attending next weekend’s match-up. I have =

discounted group tickets starting as low as $40 in the upper level and =

$80 in the lower level. I can be contacted at Dolphins Headquarters at =

305 943 #### or


Group Sales Representative

Miami Dolphins LTD.

The Chargers went on to answer for their blunder, blaming the email on an over-eager ticket sales intern.

Now it is Miami’s turn.

I resonded to the email because it came in through FanSided’s reader support email, just to make sure the email was indeed from the Dolphins. The sales rep responded imeediately and enthusiastically.

Hello Patrick, Yes, I still have availability for tickets at the discounted group rate for anyone interested, regardless if its for 1 or 50 people!

He was sure to include plenty of graphics for me to post. Rams fans will be happy to know that if they attend, they’ll receive a free Dolphins poster.

The already unhappy Miami fanbase isn’t likely to take kindly to the organization offering up discount tickets to fans of the St. Louis Rams. Especially when the Dolphins season ticket holder said Rams fans end up sitting next to likely paid more for their own tickets.

This is just another example that proves NFL teams just don’t get it. You’d have thought after the Chargers embarrassed themselves that every NFL ticket salesperson would have received a memo telling them to, under no circumstance, email a large network of sports sites asking them to help sell tickets to the fans of their opponents.

So, Rams fans, there are still plenty of cheap tickets available for next week’s game in Miami.

Have at it.

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  • Fins4ever

    I can see both sides but I don’t have a problem with a team offering discounted tickets to the opposing team if the home team has trouble selling out. Heck, why not offer a package deal with airfare, hotel, transportation…the whole 9 yards? The money stays in Miami and a few Rams fans in the nose bleed seats is not doing to make a difference.

  • Alfonso Rivas

    Interesting game coming up. Hopefully dolphins will not take Rams lightly like arizona, seattle and washington did. They are not the same Ram team of the past. They have one of the top defenses in the league that could dictate the outcome of the game.