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Cam Newton Blasts His Team: "It's Getting Boring, Something Needs to Change."

Last year Cam Newton burst onto the scene with an amazing rookie campaign, and many doubted he was capable of a sophomore slump. Well not only is Newton in the midst of such a slump, but he’s acting less like an NFL quarterback and more like Jay Cutler with the only difference being Jay Cutler is somehow winning at the moment.

Newton is the subject of criticism following not only his loss against the Dallas Cowboys but his comments following the game where he stops literally centimeters short of calling for a coaching change of some sort in Carolina. Then again, like all things in the media, Newton’s comments are grave if you spin them that way as many no doubt will.

To his credit, before his rant, Newton did say he needs to improve and that there should be no finger pointing in the locker room after the loss — but then he pointed fingers in a way.

“It’s the same script, same director and it’s getting kind of boring.” Newton said following a performance that saw him throw for 222 yards and just one touchdown.

But Newton wasn’t done with that little blurb, he went off in a controlled temper tantrum that will no doubt be making the rounds all week long and will serve as fuel for those who are wishing for the young star to fail. Newton was doing fine until a question on whether or not the Panthers are taking all the chances they can was asked and Newton went off.

“We’ve had ample opportunities. … and I sound like a broken record [but] this taste, this vibe and I’m not buying it, man, and I don’t know what it is but something is going to have to change and change real fast in order to make that next step because it’s the same old thing, same old thing.”

Then a reporter tried to call Newton on his comments, stating that after the Panthers beat the Saints in Week 2, Newton proclaimed that the vibe in Carolina had changed and that he was all for it.

“Well everybody’s looking at it, it’s not just me. [We] try to find ways to keep games close and whether it’s me, I don’t know. Whether it’s the coordinator, I don’t know. …but we’ve got to find a way to change that.” Newton said. “Instead of a game that’s close, I’m looking for a game that we put up 35 points and whether it’s the execution, you can point out a lot of things that are leading to us being defeated but this is not it.”

If you’re confused as to where Newton was trying to go with this press conference, you’re not alone. But when Newton was asked why there was a lack of run attempts when the Panthers had 1st and Goal at the Cowboys 5, Newton’s reply was concise.

“I’m not the playcaller.” he said after flailing his arms a bit. “I’m speaking for [Offensive Coordinator Mike Chudzinski] but you’ve to to have a balanced offense. The running game hasn’t been as exciting as we want it to be but you still have got to call those plays.”

All of this will blow over when Carolina starts to win games, but because Cam Newton is who he is, people will latch onto this story for different reasons than the person next to them. Newton’s young and talented and he clearly doesn’t like losing. The fact that veteran and locker room voice Steve Smith has called out Newton in the recent past for his sulking and bad attitude will be cited ad nauseum this week.

Newton’s comments, like all comments made by athletes in the heat of the moment, is and will be open to interpretation until Newton takes another snap next Sunday.




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  • Destrus Dominate

    Cam Newton is a loser. Pure and simple. He was destined for a sophomore slump, and not only has he achieved it, he is throwing anyone he can under the bus to save face. Only problem is, he is to blame. Good luck with that Carolina.

    • 4BlkLuv

      oh yeah, a Heisman Trophy loser! Who exactly has he thrown under the bus. He was asked why they are not running the ball and he simply and correctly stated that he is not the play caller. Do you really think HE decided to throw the ball 37 times and hand off to the backs only 15 times and then complained that they don’t run the ball enough? He is not responsible for the the plays called only the ones he fails to execute.

      • Destrus Dominate

        Heisman Trophy winners typically are busts and losers, so you have no point there. But, still I was glad Cam won today vs. RG3 because he deserves that much at least. RG3 is overhyped garbage, and at least the veteran overhyped garbage with a year under his belt beats his nemesis. lol

  • Platypus Jones

    So, Cam Newton wants a “suggestion box” for solutions as to why the Panthers keep losing games. I have some suggestions for you. Why don’t you quit being such a smug arrogant f*ck? What despot did you overthrow? Better yet, how many games have you won? Not college, because frankly, that is for boys. Now you are playing with men, and your immaturity is costing your whole team’s morale. Yes, I know you think you are God’s gift and that we are all so lucky to have you out there setting personal records. But your running game isn’t winning games, and neither is your arm. So why don’t you man up and act like a real leader to your team, instead of pouting under your towel. Because right now, you are only another problem we can live without. The team deserves better. The fans deserve better. And you will never make the cover of Madden by acting like a punk as* b*tch.

    • 4BlkLuv

      Exactly which of the 40 other “men” of this team are so affected by Cam’s attitude. People ask athletes to be honest and speak their minds and when they do they are criticized for being “crybabies”. If it is adult to accept defeat and loosing then I’ll stay a child. We keep score for a reason and winning is the goal of professional sports. And lastly, Cam has been putting a towel on his head since college, Win, lose or draw when he is on the sideline he has a towel on his head. Some guys put on caps or hoods, Cam puts a towel on his head not over. He is not hiding or pouting that’s his thing.

  • Megan Hansen

    I like Cam Newton, but he’s such a cry baby! I also got called a racist by some random guy in the office today because I showed him this article and said Newton needs to grow up. How is this a race issue?

    • Wang Newton

      It’s not, black people have been brainwashed into believing that any criticism of black folks is racially motivated….tell your friend that black people are perfectly capable of fucking up on their own….

    • Destrus Dominate

      It’s because black QB’s suck and if you point that out (which is historically correct) then you are considered a racist. Stats aren’t racist, they are just true.

  • bryantdouglass

    That would be Rob Chudzinski you’re talking about.

  • Hoffdog

    Hey Cam…STFU! Your pops and you both cheated the NCAA…. You should of never won that Heisman..if my Ducks could of scored on that last drive in the Championship game… we would have never heard from you again, you arrogant punk. Take some responsibility for your pathetic play this year and stop pointing fingers. Man up beeeotch!

    • cam lover

      hahaha but they didn’t score and Auburn won the championship! War Damn Cam!!


    Yall Kill me, Half of these post are doing nothing but add fuel to the Cam Newton Hate Train… Stop it people If you are going to point the finger point it to The Sorry ass Coaching staff and horrible management that has held the panthers back for years. At Least he is showing that he wants to win instead of Delhomme, Clausen, or the other bums we had that were cool with losing.

    • cam lover

      Go Panthers and GOOO CAM!!!!!

  • Legallyripped

    biggest P.O.S. in sports today. he epitomizes what’s wrong with the world today.

  • trye

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  • loves cam

    Man you Cam haters just kill me! It’s jealously and it’s very apparent!!! Get a life, haters! Cam is da man!