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Is It Tebow Time for the Jets in New York; Not According to Rex Ryan

Jets fans are fuming after Mark Sanchez led the team to a dismal 30-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, and the Tebow cries are just getting louder and louder as the seconds go by. But as has been the case all season long, Jets head coach Rex Ryan remains adamant that Sanchez is the guy he wants under center.

“Mark’s our quarterback, and I just felt he gave us the best chance to win,” Ryan said. “I believe in all of our players. I believe in Mark. He’s proven that he can win in this league. That’s my opinion, and that’s the one that matters.”

You could read into Rex’s use of the past tense “gave” but that would be giving Ryan and the Jets too much credit. Calling them a functional football team at this point in time is giving them too much credit.

The mystery continues as to why Ryan won’t even entertain the idea of not even starting Tebow but just giving him legitimate snaps. Clearly something is not working in New York and it seems to be a problem that can’t be wished away.

Is it that Ryan knows that his fate is likely tied to that of Sanchez’s? Is it that Ryan doesn’t want to be bullied into a quarterback change and will stay with Sanchez and be bullheaded even if (and probably when) it costs him his job in the end? Is believing you’re right really worth that much?

If Ryan gets fired — and believe you me, that’s going to happen if things don’t dramatically change– he’ll have to work his way back up to the top. He’ll be forced to take a defensive coordinator job on his brother Rob Ryan’s staff when he pushes out Jason Garrett or he’ll have to take a college job. Ryan would actually be a great college coach with the mentality he coaches with, but that’s besides the point. Going from head coach of the Jets to head coach of Kentucky isn’t something to brag about.

But this can all go away if we just get some insight into all the mystery in New York.

Why was Tebow brought into New York if he’s just going to sit on the bench and come in on the occasional punt? The Jets claimed they had these top secret plans for Tebow when the traded for him and we couldn’t see him in the preseason because what they were doing behind the scenes was so revolutionary and mind blowing that it would compromise their Super Bowl chances.

So far all the Jets have rolled out is a miserable start to the season and barely any Tebow. It’s not that Tebow is the answer to all their problems, it’s just you don’t go to the homeless shelter, promise mansions to everyone and then drop by occasionally with plastic Monopoly hotels.

There’s more than just one storm brewing in New York and as much as Rex Ryan and company wants to ignore it, something bad is going to happen to someone if something doesn’t change.

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